Summer Camp Zine, T-Shirt, and Tote Bag!

Your favourite band (and if you haven’t listened to them yet, your NEW favourite band) Summer Camp have commissioned me to illustrate a bunch of stuff coinciding with the release of their new album, Bad Love!

There’s a zine that comes with the album, and I’ve done the cover (and it’s also available as a tote bag!). It got highlighted in the Guardian Guide.


There’s a launch for the zine at Gosh! Comics on the 25th of May – I’ll be there to sign copies!

I’ve also designed a t-shirt, modelled here by Elizabeth:



They’ve only just released a new video inspired by 90s teen horror films for the single, “Bad Love”, and you can watch it here. Also, check out the film Beyond Clueless which Summer Camp has soundtracked – it’s available on Netflix and ALL about teen films, which are one of my favourite obsessions.